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No installation required. Extract and run.


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     You can't hurt enemies with direct fire.

   How to Play: 
     Firing at enemies directly doesn't hurt them.  Instead you must bounce
     your shots off walls to do damage.
     Enemies have very powerful weapons.  If you get hit twice in rapid
     succession you will die.
     Avoid direct combat; take them by surprise by shooting around corners.
     Boost to safety if you become overwhelmed.
     ESC:            Main menu / Pause.
     Arrow keys:     Move
     Left mouse:     Shoot
     Right mouse:    Boost
     Controls are configurable.
     If you have performance problems, try turning off surfaces and/or
     vsync in the options menu.  The game can easily run on a netbook
     with surfaces off.
     I don't have Vista/7 to test the game with.  It saves configuration
     data to the game directory when you quit, so you might need to run it
     as Admin to make it remember your preferences.


Rp title.png Rp combat.png Rp boost.png Rp bang.png


Just me. I did all the programming, graphics, audio, etc. (Except for the door and small explosion sounds, those are from an SFX website.)

You can reach me at

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