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If you've ever wanted to deliver the mail in a small rural town, then this is the game for you!

Play through approximately 10 days as the Postman in Lawrence, BC.


- Mail delivering - Mail opening - Scooter driving - A cool story - Spelling mistakes - Bad grammar - Peaceful audio

If you find any bugs or errors, please let me know via PM or E-mail. SA username - RhysD


Mostly everything - Rhys Davies ( -

Sounds -

User: sagetyrtle Filename: 1103octobernight2 User: jrssandoval Filename: shower-curtain-dif-speeds User: juskiddink Filename: aspen-tree-in-strong-wind User: nathan-lomeli Filename: mail-slot-shutting User: turtlelg Filename: jaildoorclose User: g-lowing Filename: alarm-clock User: proxima4 Filename: high-mountain User: swoboman87 Filename: lamp-switch User: dymewiz Filename: whoosh-24 User: topracer Filename: birds-in-the-morning User: thejack288 Filename: starting-motorcycle-sound User: volivieri Filename: storm-door-slam-01 User: chanhun Filename: se-refresh User: capslok Filename: paper-crumple User: simple-machines Filename: vespa-scooter-startup User: jobro Filename: dramatic-piano User: xxbirdoxx Filename: door-knock User: suonidigenova Filename: scooter

Made using Multimedia Fusion 2 -


Left click


Mediafire download (21 mb): [1]


Sealed & Secure - Screenshot.png

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