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Please Note: 1-2-3 Blast On! is now called Holy Wow Studios.

1-2-3 Blast On was too hard to remember ("3-2-1 blast on?" "1-2-3 blast off?") and didn't show up well in search results.

2011 Game Dev Entry: Dig Dig Bit Fury

Ddbf title.gif

Dig deep underground to gather coins, then carefully bring them back to your treasure chest on the surface! Every night, DEATH visits and creates skeleton minions that will hunt you down. Every day, the TAX MAN visits and takes your hard-earned cash. If you don't have enough coins to pay your taxes, the taxman will incur his wrath upon you!

Dig Dig Bit Fury has a high score leaderboard and is designed to be played in a modern browser. Collect coins like a madman to get epic high scores! If you don't want to play online, you can download a windows executable or a lightweight html file.

To see the story cinematic, let the game idle at the main menu for approximately five seconds.

Screen1.jpg Ddbf screen2.jpg

Ddbf screen3.jpg Ddbf screen4.jpg


Use the arrow keys to move, climb single blocks, and dig! Use the Z button to jump and the X button to place dirt blocks! If you use the arrow keys while holding the X button, you can place blocks to your left or right. Simply tapping the X button places a block at your feet.


Play Dig Dig Bit Fury In Your Browser (Recommended)

Download Windows Executable (Offline - No high score support)

Download HTML + SWF (Offline - Cross Platform - No high score support)

2010 Game Dev Entry: Icarus Proudbottom in The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain


Icarus Proudbottom is an everyday joe. One day, he's handed an incredible gift that turns his life around forever. How will he adapt to his gift, and how will the world adapt to him?

Theme: You Can't Stop Pooping


HINT! If you find the geese part too hard, STAY TO THE TOP!

Windows: Media:Curse_of_the_chocolate_fountain_windows.zip‎

Mac: Media:Curse_of_the_chocolate_fountain_OSX.zip‎

4 Stirring Levels, with 4 Thrilling Cutscenes, Epic Boss Battles, Pulse-Pounding Music, and a Storyline with Twists and Surprises!



By Polo-Rican & Apple Jax

Pay-pal to: jaclynlalli@gmail.com

1-2-3 Blast On! is also an 8-bit band - download their music for free at their Bandcamp website.

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